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A New Animal

It’s more than a butterfly transformation

More like an armadillo one

Or better yet a pangolin (look it up)

Its covered with hard plates from head to tail

These plates are now drying up like old scabs

And falling off one at a time

I’m not pushing or prying them off

but as each one leaves

I feel lighter

What is left is a new animal underneath

It’s softer

Sort of like a new puppy

But its not new or young

The hard plates that felt like such a necessity

Are no longer needed

This new animal…

The summer month that I turned sixteen, the love of my life was killed in a car crash

Original Artwork by the Author

The summer month that I turned sixteen, the love of my life was killed in a car crash.

I had never known anyone who had died. The news was the worst possible news that I could have heard. I was a tall, gawky introvert and not close to anyone, including my family. The death had a profound effect on me and the rest of my life.

What made it so tough was that the love of my life didn’t quite know he…

I did what any single woman automatically does when meeting a new man. I summed him up and within seconds knew he was definitely not a prospect for me.

Original Art by the Author

I had been officially divorced for two years, living in my own home for four years, legally separated from my ex-husband for five years and emotionally separated from him for many, many years. Ours was not a loving or nurturing relationship.

I loved living on my own at last, making my own decisions. What a difference my new urban neighborhood was from the suburban one I left. I hosted “art night” every Tuesday evening where a group of expanding creative souls would come meet, eat, drink and create together.

I enjoyed restoring the 1926 Spanish Craftsman home. One of the…

It was one of those dreams that you know was important to dream and worth remembering.

Original artwork by the author

In real life I had separated from my husband but we were still living in the same house. I moved into my daughter’s room since she was away at college.

The room had a single bed with a wicker headboard. It had a lock on the door. I bought my first laptop so I no longer needed to share the desktop as we had always done. The window in the room faced the fence, but I didn’t mind.

It had been twenty five years of a not so good marriage. We had three wonderful kids, lived in a nice home…

Rituals like our stories, give life meaning and depth

Photo by Emily Bauman on Unsplash

I’m not a religious person. I’m not sure if there is a god or if prayer makes a difference. I do love a good ritual though.

Ritual is defined by a ceremonial act or action. I have always enjoyed adding ritual to my life. When I practice a ritual I am drawn into a deeper, more sacred space. My life feels more meaningful and so much less mundane.

My rituals are personal and have not been taught or handed down. The first ritual of my day is the cup I choose for my morning coffee. I have a cupboard filled…

From the time I can remember, I was aware of how I looked.

Photo by Septian simon on Unsplash

Little girls are often told how pretty they are. Their clothing, hair, and complexion are scrutinized and commented on by everyone they meet. From the time I can remember, I was aware of how I looked. Most of my childhood I felt that I didn’t look pretty enough.

As a teen it wasn’t just boys my age that I wanted to look pretty for. It was everyone. What I wore each day mattered. How my hair looked, how smooth my skin was, how thin my body looked -- all were constant thoughts that accompanied me daily.

My first jobs were…

Carol Shamon

Writer and painter living in San Diego, CA

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